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School Visitors

District policy states that all visitors must check in at the school office and wear a visitor badge while on campus.

No visitors, including parents or district personnel, may go to the classrooms or other site locations without first checking in at the office.


Delivering Items to Students

Occasionally, students forget a lunch, note-book, report, instrument, or other important item. To minimize classroom disruptions, please do not bring these items directly to the classroom.  These items may be delivered to the main office.  The student can retrieve it from the office during the day.


Messages to Students

We request the cooperation of parents in limiting messages to students in emergency situations only.  Messages will be delivered to students at various times throughout the day.

Please establish a routine of communication with your children – before school, make sure they know who will be picking them up, where to meet or if they are to walk home.  If you have an emergency change of plans, please call the main office no later than 2:00pm.  It is very difficult to catch students with a late change of instructions.


Lost & Found

Clothing and other items are picked up daily from around campus, the cafeteria and classrooms and are deposited in bins in the Multi-Use Room.  If your child has lost an article of clothing, please instruct him/her to check the bins.

All unclaimed items are donated at the end of every month to a charitable organization.

Please label your child's belongings with their full name!

Riverview Middle School

205 Pacifica Avenue

Bay Point, California  94565

FAX:  (925) 458-0875


Office staff can be reached by dialing (925) 682-8000 OR (925) 458-3216, followed by the appropriate extension number:


James Bradley ,  Attendance Secretary




Emily Robledo Cruz,   Secretary



Yadira Williams, Parent Liaison



Kathy Enemark, Office Manager