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Welcome to the Riverview Middle School History Department. Below you will find History course descriptions for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.


WORLD HISTORY I (003160) (6th Grade)

This course presents the development of early human and the origins and history of Western and  non-Western civilizations to the fifth century CE. Students will come to understand the concepts  of civilization and culture through the investigation of artifacts, archeology, and geography, the  humanities, personal history, and community building. Consideration will be given to emerging  

relationships among and between ancient cultures and civilizations as well as to the distinct  composition and characteristics of several individual civilizations. Students will develop higher  levels of critical thinking by considering why civilizations developed where and when they did,  why they became dominant, and why they declined.  

Purpose: To provide a learning experience in the areas of: geography, history,  anthropology, sociology, religion economics and aesthetic citizenship/government. The  study follows the Common Core Standards, which include the following ancient  civilizations: Prehistoric Times, Mesopotamia, Kush, Egypt, Greece, India, China, and  Rome. 

To learn about and gain awareness of historical events, both past and present, and  understand the students’ own importance in history and to integrate learning with the  outside world. World History I will provide students with skills necessary to be able to  access information (life-long learning). 

Activities: Lessons are designed to improve student skills and teach new skills needed to  read and write for a wide variety of purposes. A variety of approaches to learning  include: map and graph reading, historical studies, examining current events, and  integrating technology. Students will develop study skill techniques appropriate to  content areas enhance learning. 


WORLD HISTORY II (003610) (7th Grade)

This course offers a study of world civilization with an emphasis on cultures from the  500-1789 C.E. It will integrate trends from previous periods as a way of developing  appropriate historical study. Students will have opportunities to study significant  historical developments and events during these periods. Students also will demonstrate  competency in thinking historically, understanding the relationship between the  individual and community, an applying the Social Science method. 

Focus: World History and Geography: Medieval and Early Modern Times Students in 7th grade will study the social, cultural and technological changes that  occurred in the world from A.D. 500-1789. After a review of Ancient Rome, they will examine the growing economic and cultural interactions among diverse civilizations and  the global exchange of ideas. The following cultures are included in the 7th grade  Common Core Standards: Middle East, Africa, Asia (India, China, and Japan), Europe  (Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, and Age of  Exploration), and Latin America. Geography units will be interwoven within all units.


U.S. HISTORY (003180)  (8th Grade)

This course begins with a review of the major ideas, issues, ideals, and events preceding  the foundation of the nation. Students study United States history in depth from the  framing of the Constitution through the Industrial Revolution. 

United States History and Geography: Growth and Conflict 

Based on Common Core Standards, the 8th grade students will study ideas, issues,  political evolution and events from the American Revolution and framing of the  Constitution until World War I. They will understand and evaluate the critical turning  points of the American people, contributions of various cultures, and development of the  political, economic and social structures that comprise our country today. 

Students will demonstrate knowledge of our Constitutional democracy, political  parties, foreign policy, sectional divisions, and historical contributions of men and  women of various ethnic backgrounds. Geography skills will be emphasized in all units  as well as cultural diversity.